Lee-Anne Galloway

                    Lee-Anne Galloway is an artist, teacher, dating coach and the                                    Toronto Matchmaker for Friend of a Friend. An ICF Certified Life and                     Love Coach, Lee-Anne has been working with singles on relationship                     readiness, dating and breakups for years. She was also a top event                           host with Fastlife Speed Dating Toronto. Learn more about Lee-Anne                     at www.leeannegalloway.com  


                 Claire AH

                      Claire AH is the Hamilton and LGBTQ+ matchmaker for Friend of a                         Friend. She’s also a sex educator, public speaker, freelance                                          writer, co-host on Sex City Radio on CIUT 89.5 FM, and co-host                               and producer of the Tell Me Something Good live sexy storytelling                         night (as well as its podcast offshoot on Swingset.FM). Her first                                 degree was in opera (actually) and she's back in school studying                               psychology and sexuality. Learn more about Claire at ClaireAH.com


Ceilidhe Wynn

Ceilidhe Wynn (pronounced Kay-ley) is the brand new Ottawa matchmaker for Friend of a Friend Matchmaking. She's also a copywriter, personal essayist, part-time student, mother, and wife. Ceilidhe has a Master's degree in International History but now spends more time reading romance novels than studying peace treaties. There are two things Ceilidhe believes in above all else: love and carbs.